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There's a large difference between an obviously confrontational situation of gathering your mates and going round someone's house and the immediate response of whether or not to damage a mechanical device that is on your property and you consider to be actively infringing on your life. One is potentially violent and by definition pre-meditated. The other is neither.

Hang on, what? Are you saying that blowing something out of the sky with a shotgun isn't violent? And turning up to a house occupied by someone who has just done this, unarmed, is somehow the more violent action?

I don't know the personalities or the history of this, perhaps you do and there's context I don't get. Maybe one, or both of the parties is a certifiable arsehole - this is probably very likely. But you're making a few leaps here. "Gathering a few of your mates" could be "bring a witness in case he shoots me too". Maybe his mates were tiny and non-threatening. To me, being told "if you enter my property I'm going to shoot you" is the most violent action of this whole sordid tale, but that seems to pass as normal behaviour in the US.

In short your assignation of guilt to the one party isn't backed up by the facts quoted in this story or your comments on it.

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