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>We're not writing for average users. ZDNet and Gizmodo are that way

Yes, and they swore Windows Me was great, Vista was the best Windows ever, 8 was a winning horse, 8.1 a welcome update, and 10 the ultimate Windows experience ...

Indeed, and I've seen many an article there that says the same of W10 to the extent that they will publicly denounce any naysayer. What nobody there seems to understand is that we don't want an ultimate experience because nobody knows what that actually is. Not Microsoft, not ZDNet, heck not even El Reg.

What we actually want is something that does what we want it to do when we want it to do it with no fuss and without snooping. That's why I was continually pissed off with all the shovelware that infested OEM installations going back to W3, all the extra unnecessary wizards in XP and the bloat in Vista and 7 requiring hefty hardware upgrades. W8 just made it harder and despite some of the token changes in W10, they have broken any trust I have in Microsoft ever producing a good piece of software.

Their assumed attempt to buy off the media is as despicable as their buying of marketing space years ago to push other systems out of the market and while I'll admit that Linux is not perfect and Apple has its flaws, Microsoft's continued bad behaviour towards its users guarantees that even if Linux or Apple do not take over the desktop market, they are unlikely to disappear either as disgruntled users look for alternatives.

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