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Don't forget to do other things

Use a local account, not a Microsoft account. The essential first step.

Tweak the settings to disable the cloud and telemetry stuff. Disable Cortana.

Disable the setting which uses your PC as a 'torrent seed' for Windows update. (steals your bandwidth).

And remember to install Classic Shell (or an equally competent Start menu modifying software).

Windows 10 is okay, but it must be kept on a tight leash. Stay away from Microsoft's 'ecosystem' and you're safe. Frankly, there is no point in having a Windows walled garden (app store) for your PC... if you're into gaming then Steam is all you need. Other media content have their own delivery channels on the web. Hence there is no need to log in with a Microsoft account and partake of its app store.

The incessant nagging of Win 7 and Win 8 users reeks of sheer desperation... it's like having a possessive girlfriend phone you multiple times a day asking you if you love her, if you think she's pretty etc.

Good grief. Give it a rest and have a little more faith in the product, in the mainstream marketing, in the OEMs.

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