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No, seriously. The comments on various forums saying, "That's it! I'm going Linux" has been way beyond anything I have seen before after a Windows version launch.

Has anyone actually produced stats on users that have done this?

I've seen the Microsoft figure being blasted from other sites (I actually killed one Twitter account, "OS Update", because it kept tweeting the bloody figure at me every time it picked it up from one of the web sites it covered which makes me wonder if Microsoft are really that desperate to make this figure known for some reason) but have also seen the whole "I'm pissed off with W10 so I going to install x Linux instead" (yes, I know a large portion has been using Mint but, as I am known for saying at any given point, Linux is NOT Mint) to wonder how much impact this has had.

Hey, Reg! Perhaps this could be a poll in the making! :)

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