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it's just as effective to be able to fly a drone past a house's upper windows peering in than it is to walk up to a door, knock and risk being spotted by neighbours or people who were at home after all

LOL. Those dopey neighbours will think a human walking up to a door (in a courier vest) is highly suspicious but a noisy, wobbly flying vehicle with a camera hanging beneath it on a gimble and a bloke standing with a remote control aerial is not!

If a drone was useful to aid in burglary, then that would only be for isolated, empty building. In a built up area they would be one of the most useless tool a burglar could possibly use. He might as well post leaflets through all the doors in the street telling them that he intends to do a burglary there in the near future.

The real problem with drones is their potential to fall on somebody and injure them. For perving or burglary, forget it.

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