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Aye, there's the rub...

promacjoe2 wrote if we do not make laws now, it will get way out of hand very quickly.

Much as it is doing in respect of the wretched IoT, which seems to be racing ahead with goverment support, at least in the UK. OTOH legislation introduced with undue haste is likely to result in so many anomalies and loopholes that any law thus enacted is either useless from the outset or becomes so very shortly therafter, bringing the law (and the Law, if you see the distinction) into disrepute.

Technology is moving so fast that any legislative limitations on its use are likely to be so far behind it that the exercise becomes pointless to the extent of being futile. Note that I said technology is "moving", not progressing or developing because some "developments" are not inherently advantageous to the human species (or even others, come to think of it) if only because we seem to be too willing to be its slaves, not its masters.

Trying to write a law covering drones that would provide proper discrimination between snooping (actual or potential) and Jeff Bezos' plan to use drones for Amazon deliveries could prove very troublesome... which is not to say that I necessarily see any serious merit in his plan either; gimmickry dressed up as an essential to modern life.

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