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Don't get me wrong, I love Macs. I recommend them for all the scientists here as they cover all the bases - they can use their Unix tools, their Mac only tools, their PC only tools via e.g. Parallels, they play nice with the rest of the equipment, they're a piece of piss to set a backup on, they've got a good remote management solution and the central IT team won't touch them with a barge-pole (all Windows boxes now have to be one of three four* base models which come with a locked down version of Windows 8.1 and no freedom to install your own choice of software unless you fill out a formal request form, business case form and license disclaimer / damage waiver).

But the Apple GUI, with El Capitan, has moved away from anything intuitive. About one in five of the programs don't work any more, half the controls are hidden, users get lost with a single click on the windows controls when it expands to full screen and the side-by-side documents they were comparing vanish... They've lost their way for sure, and now just change things for change's sake.

*Four after I pointed out that the deal they had done already without listening to feedback from the research side of the University was only for a laptop, an all-in-one and a SFF case, none of which could take an off-the-shelf graphics card or other PCI-flavour card that various equipment might come with. Hence they added a Workstation full size case to the range. Even last week when I tried to buy a Win 7 laptop with four USB sockets and a 1Tb HDD in order to have a mobile 3D-scanning and printing system for use in community clinics I was told I had to have the Win 8.1 256Gb SSD Dell and use a USB hub, even though HP did a model which was the same price (within £10) meeting all the requirements.

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