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Just my two penn'orth

I cut my teeth with a BBC micro and Amiga 1200, then bought a PC when Win95 came out. Liked it. Liked Win98 even better. Looked at NT4, pretty awful for a home user (drivers etc), Win2000 better, but happy with XP - the best in terms of GUI, IMHO.

Win7: OK but not really a great improvement on XP. Stuck with it until this W10 lunacy.

Win8: awful, didn't bother.

I'd played with various Linux distros in the past, and despite learning lots I always went back to Windows because of issues with some hardware or other (I once spent a week trying to get sound working). Applications weren't great then, either, and there was always some CLI hacking to do to get things running. But after trying the horrible interface that is Win10, and then the slurping, and then the upgrade nagging, I'd had enough, and after some experimentation plumped for Mint Cinnamon with the Numix theme. It works well, looks great, and the available applications are now as good as I need for general office, internet and photo editing. I also like that updates are all in one place (night night, Ninite), and I don't need anti-spyware (yet) or AV (yet - although I scan attachments with ClamAV so as not to pass viruses to MS users).

I think that just as MS have decided to stop providing a standalone OS, Mint has come good. This time I'm not going back to Windows, and now I've also switched my family's computers to Mint I don't get any more calls for help from them.

PS Not a Linux fanboi, just a happy user.

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