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Do you mean install figures?

If so I could see you being correct, an awful lot of regular users don't want to upgrade from 7, because they are happy with it, having avoided 8.x which they were either warned off or made the effort to revert from.

Realistically that is a sensible decision, Windows 10 is better than 7, but not to the extent that it worth the upheaval for a non techie user. They also don't trust that it won't be a POS like 8. (Obviously Windows 8 users are jumping at the chance to change.)

For me it was a no brainer, find a machine with a bios that licenses Windows 7, install and upgrade. Of course, I need to be familiar with the latest Microsoft OS.

Had the OS been a POS (like Vista and 8) the machine I am typing this on would by now be running Linux Mint. (Also if it required a payment.)

If however by bad, you mean the actual OS, I disagree. The UI is fine - looks and feels like Linux Mint - and the system is fast and stable (much better than Windows 7 on this particular PC.)

It would be ironic if Win 10 flops because of the legacy of Vista and 8 and the forced upgrade from XP. (Perhaps they should have given 10 home basic free to XP and Vista users)

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