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Come on you M$ fans you have been lead down the path of FNYPL (Free Now You Pay Later) Mickysoft has spent Billions of dollars buying Skype and Minecraft you you think for one minute they are going to be free to use for ever. No way is that ever going to happen. August is going to be pay back date, What Mickysoft the media is NOT telling the public about is M$ from August is moving to annual subscription payments, with WaaS (Windows as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) with their new Azure cloud system If none of you believe what I'm saying then go read their reports web inks below SaaS is going to be for other services like Gaming and using Skype

Now you know what to expect soon If you don't want pay annual subscription fees to Mickysoft then start downloading and installing Free Open Source Linux operating system(s) after all your using it every day and don't know it Everything you do is done on Linux OS whatch the Video Linux is Everywhere here on Youtube

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