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Matt Kimber

Endemic of the whole Windows 10 effort

This has been Windows 10 all over - either spend your life hacking registry settings or fighting constant unwanted notifications, forced file updates and downloads. The concerning situation is that if you have a "modern" Windows variant, Microsoft now see it as their duty and right to manage your PC for you. Even if you grudgingly accept it the nagging and upgrade, the problems don't stop there; I'm forever having to work around my computers being rebooted for me (one of the new bits of fun in 10 is the "reboot your computer now or it'll happen in 15 minutes, like it or not" dialog box) or drivers for my hardware being overwritten by Microsoft generic ones that don't work.

Windows Feedback is full of upvoted "stop trying to control this for me" messages, so it appears a general problem. I can vaguely understand the notion of turning your PC into a managed service, but it's not what people want and in any case Microsoft are doing it badly. They're more like an ISP blocking public access to your e-commerce site because they thought you'd appreciate it rather than anything helpful.

It feels like they've made a massive screw-up with this generation of code; Server 2016 is just as bad, albeit in different ways with half-arsed implementations of things Microsoft are panicking about because Internet and dog have been happily running them on Linux servers for long enough that it's encroaching into their staid enterprise heartland. It's a shame as once you got past their attempt to innovate the UI (which I personally didn't mind as much as the rest of the world seemed to) 8.1 felt like a decent consumer OS built by a Microsoft that had regained its confidence post Vista, especially if you fired it up on one of the convertible hybrids it was aimed at.

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