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Bloke sues dad who shot down his drone – and why it may decide who owns the skies


It is one thing to fly a drone over your own property. It is another to take a drone, equipped with a camera and fly it over someone else's property. Clearly the intent was to take pictures of that property and anything else on the property. That is an invasion of privacy and anything under treetop level +100 feet, should be considered trespassing as well.

someone mentioned that they had a camera equipped drone And they could not determine the difference between men and women at a very short distance. I don't know what kind of camera you have, but it must be very low resolution, And it must be equipped with a very poor lens. My mother's Nikon cool pics camera, Has a 16 megapixel sensor and a lens equivalent to I believe 1800 mm. with that camera set up, you definitely should be able to distinguish a man from a woman at even 1000 feet. And cameras are only getting more powerful. Even some camera phones have a 40+ megapixel sensor. A new camera has just been announced that has a 100 megapixel sensor. We have a local TV station here that has a helicopter equipped with a camera that can see what's happening even 5 miles away. And that camera was first used in the 90s. And has been upgraded to high-definition. Fortunately they know better than to use this camera maliciously. and I saw a video a while back of a camera system that could take a video of a 10 square-mile area, and you could definitely tell a man from a woman, and even if that Person was smoking a cigarette. The camera system was being developed for the military, For use in drones.

I recently viewed my house on Google maps, and I can tell that my yard man was cutting the grass, and I could tell where he had cut and what needed to be cut.

don't fool yourself, cameras are getting very good at producing high-quality images.

if we do not make laws now, it will git way out of hand very quickly.

And by the way, here in the US, there is a law in many states that governs the focal length of the lens used to take pictures of someone's property without their permission. Normal lenses are allowed, but telephoto lenses in the extreme range are not. You'll have to look up the laws in your state to see If it applies to you, and what that focal length is.

in this case, the court has already found that the guy was in his rights to shoot the drone down.

That means that the courts has already decided that the drone was trespassing, in a very worrying if not malicious fashion. It remains to be seen whether the lawsuit has any merit or not.

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