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@Steven Roper: Excellently put. Have an upvote. I agree.

I'm not, despite what some of you might think from my posting history, a Microsoft hater. As I've said before, I like a lot of their software. I develop using Visual Studio. I have friends in Redmond. I just don't like the direction they've been heading in ever since Sinofsky was there. Your comments about ransom-as-a-service ring all too true.

I don't think they will suddenly switch existing copies of Windows 10 to pay-as-you-go. That would have too many complications for them; they'd get sued for deceptive marketing promises faster than you can say "class action", for one thing. I'll wager they'll be more subtle about it - "if you want DirectX %nextversion% enabled on your copy of Windows, that'll be $1/month, please" and so forth. Growing revenue in a mature, saturated market is a real challenge for them - and this strategy makes sense if only considered from an accounting/finance perspective. If they think they can make users swallow it - well, give them full marks for chutzpah, at the least.

We spent the last twenty years demanding always-available Internet access; well, the flip side of that is that it's enabled a digital shackle for our PCs and software, shifting the balance of power back to the vendors. Dammit.

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