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Confirmed: How to stop Windows 10 forcing itself onto PCs – your essential guide


It would be nice to add that those registry keys must be inserted during one of the Dreaded Updates us Troglodytes have burned with fire, then nuked and buried in a lime pit. Especially since they don't contain just the upgrade-nagging, but also the thing that makes Win10 a no-no for most: the bloody telemetry.

I've just done an extensive scouring of my registry, and the lines in question aren't there at all.

Good thing for me, tells me I've been thorough in my nuking. But this makes this method even worse for peeps who aren't ...suited.. for this kind of making-windows-behave. Looks to me you'd need to have to allow the whole series of Win10 related KB's to install before you get them, with all the ärger involved. Could be the KB article gives some hint as to exactly which upgrade adds them, but really can't be arsed. But if people have done only a partial deletion, they may have well nuked those lines as well, and may start hunting around for something similar in the registry. Not a pretty thought.

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