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KB you need to uninstall, hide, and uninstall again later:

Launch Windows Updates. "View update history", then select "see Installed Updates" and search for:

KB3035583 (Win10 nag)

KB3068708 (telemetry)

KB3075249 (telemetry)

KB3080149 (telemetry)

and right-click to uninstall them.

Reboot and launch Windows Updates again. Go to automatic updates settings and select 'download but do not install'.. also uncheck ' install recommended updates with critical updates'.

Reboot... run automatic updates and look at recommended updates.. uncheck and hide the four listed above. KB3035583 will occasionally be unhidden and added again to your "recommended" updates so keep your eyes peeled.

Other unconfirmed "telemetry" updates:


And to keep an eye on things, you might download the GWX Control Panel, though ironically, it also adds a [10] icon to your task tray. It has some rudimentary cleanup options, but mainly just watches and warns about KB3035583.

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