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I used to fill my criminal drives with MP3s after formatting them as I had more songs than disk-space. Then I started I started getting raided on bogus terrorism excuses and I built a forge, better than a hammer.

There's a really good, if irrelevant, NS article just online, Memory recall works twice as fast as the blink of an eye

When I was a four year old I used to test how fast I could think by throwing my self off a small flight of steps and trying to think something before I landed. I never could think anything mid-air except, "Think something" which didn't count as I'd already been thinking that. I concluded I was a slow-thinker, and as I grew older others certainly were more 'quick-witted'. They tend to get in a lot more trouble earlier on though, it's a common-difference in brain function that leaves them open to impulsive short-termism and leaves me more open to brain-freezing in emergency situations.

Computer magazines and websites have speed-tests for machine components, processors and systems, I hope someone develops something like that for humans. There are seemingly four stages to human memory, remembering it, recalling it and I forget the other two. Not my field of study. Still, I'm in a court case just now that mostly relates to events from decades ago, and I seem to be the only person who remembers anything, and I remember those past events too well if anything. Being able to forget, to wipe memory, must be as much of a blessing. I wish there was a Darik's Boot And Nuke for the mind, like Eternal Sunshine, but everyone seems intent on memory augmentation implants.

People with autistic tendencies vulnerable to alcohol problems

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