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Source Formatting Opinions

I was interested to see this raise so much attention. I'd thought the pretty printer tools meant you could code how you liked and then format it how your organisation, or team leader, or girlfriend's dad, would find acceptable. Me, I like the vertical alignment of {}, but I'm old enough now to realise that's just me, I can't instantly see the opening brace that goes with a particular closing one unless its directly above. But modern editors solve that, highlight one brace and it highlights the other, however aligned. And if I have to work on something for long I can always pretty-print it "my" way to make it easier, and - theoretically - re-pretty-print it with a different set of preferences afterwards.

I'm left with only one major gripe, and that's Python. Where indentation is part of the language, well, I thought that was a bad idea in makefiles, and see no excuse for it anywhere. Mr Python wanted to impose his own indentation preference, and didn't like that fiddling punctuation noise, well, IMHO a crappy set of requirements for a language. I'm disappointed to see it hasn't faded into the obscurity it deserved.

While I'm here, I have a minor aversion to anything "optional". Semicolons in scripting languages, that sort of thing. To me there should be just one correct way to write the syntax, not a lot of woolly alternatives that produce the same compiled code. Names excepted, of course. I used to like Java til it got over-bloated (around Java 2 or so), I liked Pascal and Modula once-upon-a-time, and now I like Erlang, which has the nit-pickiest compiler I ever met, but once you know the syntax it's trivial, and there's never any doubt about whether you need a punctuation character or can get away without it.

I like to keep the entire language spec in my head. Good luck doing that with C++

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