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OK first up if it was a skimming device the account would have been emptied

Second had it been a home snafu they'd have got all the details from the 3 accounts plus our PayPal and probable access to the credit card as well all of which are unadulterated

As we went over everything with the bank for a 2 week purchasing period it was clear as to the the date the card had been slurped

It is not "laughable" as you put it

Local community police officer is a personal friend whom I've worked with for 6 years delivering local cycle training to primary school kids, so I called her and not the station.

Remember talk talk they talked shit about customer cards not being given up and it was bullshit

The fanboys with their pants around their ankles defending steam are laughable.

Bottom line is this steam can have an official line all they want whilst they know 34,000 customer details were viewed they have no idea to what degree this has been.

Santander's fraud team have confirmed that we are not the only clients of theirs in the UK that have the same problem pointing back to steam dozens was their word,

I've also been contracted by a couple of folks in the US via twitter who've had a similar issue.

Problem being nobody in the industry quite knows what they're getting ahold of and what they're using to "complete" card numbers if they don't get the whole thing, but a bit of code and a nice algorithm with get them what they need if they did not get the whole thing.

When it happened it felt like being burgled, but it became apparent it was an opportunity for someone not to refuse,not an issue on our part or a security slip.

My wife is a charge nurse so at work its locked in her office I currently work from home so that's out and then sadly most purchases are at Tesco, Aldi, Lidl or at Tesco or Morrison's gas stations if we eat out we pay cash.

So as much as Steam want to put out the PC We're doing all we can blah blah blah nobody was compromised bullshit I'm afraid I know differently as do TalkTalk's customer's

And as a footnote Argos's fraud team have also taken this on as they can track the purchse address etc etc and Santander's been super quick to refund the payments which if you're a phishing victim they are not quick to do at all.


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