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>just adjust yur style two throwoff the analisys' in those cases when ur writing malware

simplest thing in teh world.<

Which reminds me: Think of a program as being an iceberg: the majority of it lies underneath the visible surface as regards those that interact with it (the average user of that app). But what is on the surface can sometimes give some good clues as to what lies beneath. If the person I have quoted above (sorry to pick on you m8, but you are AC anyway so unidentifiable, and I have a feeling you've adjusted your style to demonstrate your point, you're really William Shakespeare aren't you?) were to be a malware writer then they need to pay attention to detail - If they were hacking a banking app I don't think people would be inclined to believe your request to "Clik hear 2 verfy who u r". Sometimes with spam emails it is possible to identify, not just from the occasional typo but by sentence construction, not just that this is a scam, but the nationality of the scammer.

There was a phase where malware was put through something like UPX to obfuscate its contents, but anyone trying to work out the legitimacy of such executables on their pc's could use a hex editor to look at the headers (is Microsoft using UPX now? I don't think so ((presses delete key))). I think anti-malware software reaches a similar conclusion.

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