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just adjust yur style two throwoff the analisys' in those cases when ur writing malware

simplest thing in teh world. ... Anonymous Coward

Although, of course, in not such an alarmingly different manner as that, AC, if one is destined to be really effective and remain continually highly disruptive, buried deep and delving within deserving systems and/or failed exclusive executive order administrations.

The crack magic trick is, is it not, to be practically invisible and virtually omnipotent/anonymous and almighty, and that has one appearing to be most meek and unrecognisable in plain text sight. Then can there be heavenly fireworks with immaculate displays of alternative explosive worth.

Such does make one though, in the eyes, hearts and minds of those in the know and in the need to know, both extremely valuable and marvellously dangerous. It is not a pleasant place or comfortable space for anyone or everyone.

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