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The competition for NT was the various *nix OSs out there including SCO. Thus, MS added various *nix-like features to NT to aid porting application code from *nix to NT. Examples of these are a POSIX layer and pushable streams module support.

The POSIX subsystem was included in NT because it was a US Federal Government requirement at the time. (It was a FIPS requirement, though I don't have the exact number handy.) It would have been silly for Microsoft to bar NT from the Federal market by omitting it, particularly since it wasn't hard to build; it only had to be POSIX.1.

The POSIX subsystem was pretty basic and never really optimized. After Microsoft killed it off (post Win2K), though, they bought Interix (formerly OpenNT, from Softway Systems) and made it available as Services for UNIX. It was a much better UNIX-on-Windows, particularly with SFU 3.5, which had decent pthreads support, etc.

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