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My point was, the PSN hack, no card details were accessed (not that this is that clear due to the rabid fill in the blanks with made up info reporting). It's also very likely no actual customer data was accessed either, as nothing has ever appeared online. The problem Sony had was they had no way to prove customers data wasnt taken (due to insufficient logging) and had to therefore paint a worst case picture on advice of their lawyers (downplaying and it coming to light it was worse would have been a litigation nightmare). Sadly the media crucified them for this. It was headline news on BBC for a month. No doubt due to Microsoft fueling the fire and benefitting from the Sony backlash.

This stream issue (whilst not a hack) affects REAL people , over 10m, and REAL payment details and yet didn't even get picked up by the mainstream press at all. Not even the BBC tech page, which has loads of non stories.

Makes you wonder if the whole Industry is on payola

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