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Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds

Steve Channell

2016 is shapping up to be the crunch year

2015 was the year Microsoft understood that it was royally shafted by Nokia in a vain attempt to keep in the mobile race, but that has stopped: MS refused to stump up more cash to port HERE Maps to the new Windows 10 kernel (the only functional upgrade for a Nokia Lumia 930 is Android).

With full acceptance that Linux has won in hand-held, and won in HPC, MS faces the same choice that all proprietary OS vendors have faced before, whether to cut costs for a legacy licencing outfit or be bold to regain leadership.

In 2016 that bold choice will be to open-source the NT kernel as a container kernel to compete with Core OS.. few will stop paying for full-fat Windows but it is the only way to avoid the fate of {Burroughs, Univac, NCR, Control-Data, Honeywell} as a BUNCH of losers

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