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Somebody went shopping at Argos and it wasn't me

So my Wife was out shopping yesterday with my girls and she used a new card when out

At the same time wingman and I were gorging on Borderlands and yes I ignored the phone when it rang, but we picked up the message from Santander's fraud department. Somebody had been shopping at Argos on-line with our card details.

The cogs start whirring as we go through purchases with the bank and where those purchases were made, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Argos, Tesco pay at pump and Tesco's cash machine, whilst wondering where the hell the details were got from. Home PC and network is way more secure than TalkTalk.

So fraudster, yesterday at Argos spends £24 £60 £150 gone through then we're told by Santander that they'll be cancelled paperwork in the post then a few for £350-£400 all declined, as luckily new card was actioned during their shopping spree.

New card was unadulterated in the envelope & been sat for a week or so (old one expires Jan 2016)

I call the police in town to see if there have been reports of a skimming device in the town (Cupar) and blank drawn here.

Roll through with Santander what was bought by us and where, nobody behind me in Argos or Tesco or Lidl or Aldi & yeah I even went out for a look at the petrol pump and the ATM at Tesco.

Then I read about the Steam issues and sure enough last Steam purchase in November was on this card & from what I've seen everything they fraudster needed was slurped up by steam during the snafu, to facilitate an online purchase and account creation on Argos's web-site.

Santander have duly been informed of this & we await the outcome

so putting 2 & 2 together & with two other accounts and cards completely unadulterated (hence figuring network not hacked or slurped) It is nice to know Valve and Steam hold enough info for somebody to use my card to buy stuff on my ££, they did kindly wipe all payment info from my account, but somebody still got it though.

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