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"Just because it wasn't a hack doesn't mean that they didn't just spew personally identifiable information all over the net"

I'll go back to the numbers again. Yes, some Valve customers may be associated with hacker groups. I'd be even less lucky if my details ended up with one of them, which is even less likely than a random gamer seeing my details. So no, still not too worried. (I have ordered a new card now anyway).

These idiots posting to 4chan are your usual Anonymous idiots, stupid adolescent males looking for attention who haven't considered Valve very likely can correlate the cached session data with the current session data, and determine which users had access to which accounts. I imagine this will be the first thing done if a customer complains of fraudulent activity to Valve off the back of this.

So if a few 4chan users manage to get themselves banned from Steam and arrested for leaking personal details, then at least some good has come from this. :-)

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