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Being a Valve customer for 10+ years - although not a massively heavy gamer - I can probably say the reason this is being brushed off is because:

Valve are a good company. They were first to market with digital-distribution and have provided a very good, non-intrusive service with few hickups. Add to that they also seem to want to make good games/software rather than just be profitable - Portal etc. is awesome, but cheap. There are few software companies I trust to take pride in their software, but Valve is one of them. If you've ever dealt with setting up a Source Dedicated Server on Linux, the process is seamless - again a credit Valve.

While yes, this lapse sucks, it happens and will happen again, to Valve and almost every other company that runs long-term. What matters is not what happened, but how Valve responded to it. They took the service down, identified the cause, provided a fix.

The measures they've already taken have protected my card details (excl. the last 4 digits), so I'm not too worried about that - I'll probably get a new card ordered to be safe. I don't like the idea that someone could have my address, but if anyone does, it's a random gamer who's probably more pissed at not being able to play his games than interested in me. It's certainly not some malicious hacker group about to release it on the net. Ultimately, this is small scale compared to the Sony hack etc. where having your details exposed meant you were actually the victim of a targeted attack by a malicious group.

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