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Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds

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Anonymous Coward

After reading all the comments it's clear there are people that like Windows 10 and people that hate it.

I just don't like it.

Here's two evolutions of users,

Non-Techie. Can be identified by the asking of the most fundamental question when setting a machine up for them, "What are you going to use it for?" Answer: Browsing (Facebook), Banking, Games (sometimes), Office Apps, Printing.

Computer (big bulky sits in the corner and takes up space)

Laptop (Can sit with it on knee while watching tv)

Nettop (Even smaller, not all took this option)

Tablet (Cheap and does everything)

These people are not going to go back to the computer because they don't need it so Windows 10 will not be used much longer for them anyway and most new installs move to Mint due to age of hardware and ease of use. There is a halfway house of people that do video editing and the such but they will just stick with laptops/macbooks.


Computer or Laptop. (mainly computer due to what you do with it)

These people are not going to install Windows 10 at home and are going to fight it being installed at work due to the T's & C's, telemetry, subscription cost and the sheer shite that is metro.

There are going to be people that embrace Windows 10 and to you I say good luck because you will need it every time those automatic updates bork your systems or your information leaks or is sold to a third party. The tiles/adverts are suspiciously like "Google Now" which incidentally read my email and reminded me about a flight once. Needless to say I now run cyanogenmod on both my phones and google gets absolutely nothing, my contacts and calendar are synced with my personal owncloud. server.

In summary for Microsoft Windows.

Home Market - Disappearing.

Business Market - Slowly disappearing but going all the same.

Don't bang the door on the way out.

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