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As a techie (of sorts)

Can I say here

I hate windows 10....

As for the non techies I work with

They all hate win 10 (and win 8 for that matter)

M$ got it dead right with windows 7, what was so wrong with building on that success oh thats right, they wanted windows on phones and tablets when that boat had already sailed and m$ would be playing catch up forever.

So here comes win 10, free because m$ are desperate for people to upgrade to it, but hold on

m$ have spent a shed load of money on making win10 and if I was a shareholder in m$ I'd be saying "How are you going to make money with it?"

Which is why I suspect m$ will start charging for the win10 'service' maybe in the forms of updates or patches IE "pay us £20/yr for all the latest upgrades... or your PC will be under threat from hackers, crackers and scam artists"

But as more and more people discover theres a world beyond windows... I can only see m$ being supported by office (because they change the file formats every 5 years) and cloud services(because the MBA managers today are'nt the people who knew about the main frames and terminals of days gone by)

And for gaming... if Elite :dangerous is available as a linux version. windows dies here

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