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But you read

the payment screen when you buy a game through steam the same as I do

Fill in name, yupp, address,. yupp... phone number? nope dont get that one, CC number... then notice the box underneath that says "Save CC info? " with its little tick box.

And you untick that box, and you untick that box because Valve is a big company and fekking useless at security just like everyone else on the internet.

And even if you save CC info, whats wrong with having a debit card from the bank as well and only ever use the CC for on-line purchases... that way, if the company disappears between you buying and the stuff not arriving, at least you can call the CC company and cancel the payment.

Gawd help us if you ever have to deal with a real crisis.... it'll be 'pull all the breakers and cut the cables because the amber light on the power supply board has gone out" only to find out the bulb has blown...

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