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"consumer magazine and review sites (like PC Pro)"

Back in the early days of the mid-70s personal computer was a term that covered all manner of things from memory as small as 1K right up to the heady heights of 64K whatever the CPU (usually 6502 or Z80).

When IBM joined the fray it became a brand, not a term and MS-DOS or, subsequently, Windows was an expected part of the package that Personal Computer implied. The magazine market fragmented so a PC magazine dealt with IBM & compatibles and their MS S/W whilst the alternatives, Apple, Amiga or whatever, had their own magazines. For any given magazine alternatives to the central interest were at the most fringe matters (e.g. Linux on PCs) or simply didn't get mentioned at all.

So it's not surprising that such magazines just concentrate on the latest variant of their interest and not too critically lest they drift away from their mainstream.

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