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Microsoft is pushing people over to Linux

By making so many huge mistakes with Windows 10, MS is working really hard on making the year of the Linux desktop a reality. Actually, they may be the biggest contributor at the moment.

Most of the advanced Linux desktops (e.g Mint 17 Cinnamon or KDE Plasma 5 distros) work more similar to Win7 than Win 10/8.x but they are infinitely more customizable. I argue, that these desktop environments actually look better than Win 10 with those Fisher-Price coloured tiles and flat look.

The Linux desktop user experience has been improving leaps and bounds in recent years. No more xorg config, multi-monitor issues, in most cases everything just works. For home use, it may be the best choice, especially if the hw is older. Hw compatibility has also been improving for a growing set of older printers you have better support on Linux than on Windows simply because the producers have not updated their drivers for the older models for Win8+.

With the seemingly continuous major Windows Update problems, it is now arguable that Linux system updates cause less issues than their Windows counterparts, especially on more conservative distros like Linux Mint.

I have no idea how any mentally sane enterprise possessing any intellectual value could tolerate the Windows "telemetry" services (spying on them). Since the "telemetry" is encoded, it is impossible to know what they actually collect and send back home. I would never allow a "telemetry" equipped Win10 (and now 7, 8, 8.1) machine near any of my networks containing product related documentations.

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