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Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds

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1. Given a free choice between a Windows PC and a Mac, every non-techie consumer (i.e. with no axe to grind), would pick the Mac. Guaranteed.

2. So it comes down to price: Windows runs on creaky plastic landfill PCs which is one of two reasons why it's gaining traction, albeit very slowly.

3. ...the second reason is that it's being forced onto people's PCs whether they like it or not. Only our terrible average broadband speed in the UK is stemming the tide here.

4. There is no simple way to switch off the aggressive data gathering in Windows 10. Indeed, apart from a select few in Microsoft, it's not completely understood yet what data Microsoft is uploading. You won't be seeing an accurate Microsoft 'get the facts' campaign about this.

5. There is always choice, but it's a bit like buying a Vauxhall or a decent car. Some people can't afford a decent car, or don't understand how a decent car would make their life easier.

6. People who think it's cool to put stickers on their PCs and who think a trip to KFC is a decent meal out for all the family, generally don't have much of a clue. Those people end up with Windows. They don't know any better, like a dog doesn't know any better that licking its nads in public is not good behaviour.

If you read this site and you run Windows 10, or you've installed it for unwitting family and friends - you shouldn't feel proud of yourself, and you certainly shouldn't try to justify or seek validation for your choices. You know quite well what Microsoft is doing and what segment of the market it is aiming for.

Happy new year.

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