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> Windows NT was designed by David Cutter(sp?) but was not a port of VMS. In VMS,

No, but it did implement many features of the VMS replacement that Cutler had designed when at DEC. Microsoft wound up paying $150million or so in settlement to avoid it going to court.

"""DEC also believed he brought Mica's code to Microsoft and sued.[7] Microsoft eventually paid US$150 million and agreed to support DEC's Alpha CPU chip in NT."""

> graphics drivers were NOT run at kernel level.

Cutler knew that, but was overruled later.


The Graphics Device Interface is responsible for tasks such as drawing lines and curves, rendering fonts and handling palettes. The Windows NT 3.x series of releases had placed the GDI component in the user-mode Client/Server Runtime Subsystem, but this was moved into kernel mode with Windows NT 4.0 to improve graphics performance.[21] """

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