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On Windows 7 in 2015 ....

... Can't display Kanji out of the box

... Default filesystem has more special characters than pimples on the face of a meth user, making copying from sane systems impossible

... You can't rename a user's directory if you renamed the user

... You need admin privileges to install some random dev tools

... The dialog to modify the system path is just a slap in the face

... Registry: a bad idea implemented badly

... Notepad and "cmd.exe" from 1980s are still a thing, because no freshman has ever been hired to fix that or he died on the job due to project management

... Files are locked when "open by another process", this is the definition of "pants-on-head retarded design"

... You must have antivirus for some reason

... You must disable autorun

... Windows Media Player is a bad joke of shitty usability


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