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Its far to easy to shout "MS shill" at consumer magazines when the real answer is much more likely to be how they choose to evaluate things. The "average consumer" from an advertiser's perspective appears to be someone not terribly bright and blown over by bling and novelty features, say, voice control. They are unlikely to think or care much about the privacy implications of how that is implemented, nor do they think much about freedom and control over a PC.

Tech web sites on the other hand obsess over small points and how thing can be used for massive scale computing, etc. I have to admit to being that sort of a geek and champion Linux for various reason like this.

But I know some folk who have "upgraded" to W10 and genuinely love it because it works for them and they don't care about the things I do. Sure I point them out, but I don't behave like a religious nutter over it and they are perfectly free to choose that if they want.

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