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Or Log On To Other People's Steam Account Via Bing...

I used Bing to find the store pages for two games, and logging on to the them, I found myself logged on, simultaneously, to the Steam accounts of two different people. I accessed their "Account Details" pages and could have gone further than that but I did not actually do so. I would imagine any other search engine would have gotten me the same results.

It made me wonder if someone was logged on to my account but I wasn't able to access it. Although, as I write this, Steam is off-line entirely, I will have to check on that when they're up again, to see if anything has been changed. Steam only has my Paypal account; pretty sure that that doesn't get them any credit card info...

Whatever shitty webpages Steam creates and sets to "public" when a new account is created were set to "private" by me a long time ago. Although I once had to (temporarily) set a few to "public" to do some trading, those too were reset to "private".

Did that provide me with any protection, I wonder?...

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