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Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds

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Anonymous Coward

As it's Christmas can I make a correlation on the comments posted thus far?

Those that posted comments that were downvoted more than upvoted and the opposite can you please let me know if you ate sprouts today?

I like sprouts but to be fair I wouldn't spout some fo clear fud shown here today.

Let me be clear on this.

1. Merry Christmas all

2. Microsoft have lost their way, Windows 7 was good to be fair.

3. Linux has come a long way and it just needs that little bit extra to take over, many have said it for years but as I found recently faffing about in the console to remove a directory ~/. is not something an average or below par user is going to do to fix a problem (I'm looking at you mint)

3. Can we all not bury our heads in the sand, you will all pay for windows 10 eventually, oh it's free, it offers optimization for gamers, next it will work better with office, after that mspaint won't function...

4. I really can't be arsed continuing with comments, I could go into many other things about my disgust for microsoft and their policies but I'm turkeyed up to the eyeballs.

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