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Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds


Then you should leave your PC for a while and step out into the real world. The whole "windows 10 is crap" propaganda mainly exists on tech sites. In the real world windows 10 is well received. I myself have helped upgrade nearly 50 PC's to windows 10 in the last month because for my friends and family having a masters in softwares means i'm only qualified to do so.

The only place where I've faced reluctance to 10 is when somebody reads comments like the ones that constantly feature here, in which case it takes less than 2 mins to convince them to upgrade. After all in the end who are they going to trust? Some tin foil wearing conspiracy theory nut job who says windows 10 is stealing their data or the guy whom they know that tells them exactly what data is being collected and how they can turn it off.

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