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You clearly have no clue what you are talking about.

WindowsNT is VMS. The VMS OS created to run on Dec Alpha CPUs. It was even better than most UNIXes.

And to fix the mess they did with Windows Vista Microsoft had to pay a lot of money to VMS designers to build Windows7. And Windows7 and WinowsServer2008 were excellent, the best WindowNT systems to date.

Then the Metro/ModernUI nonsense era arrived at Microsoft and Windows8.x happened and then even worse under the Indian CEO the atrocious spyware ridden Windows10=8.2 was born which proved that Ballmer wasn't the worst that could have happened to Microsoft.

Linux is not even a true real UNIX. It is just an hack, a shallow messed up copy of UNIX subsystems.

BSD systems are true real UNIX systems. Which includes Apple OS X

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