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windows 10 is NOT well received!

I, too, found those 'glowing references to W10' to be a bit NAUSEATING, and NOT consistent with MY experience.

Like Windows "Ape" (8) and "Ape++" (8.1), Sinofsky's vision of fat-finger-friendly "phone on a desktop" is a complete CLUSTER-BLANK when it comes to the user base. 8 and 8.1 had less than 20% of users prior to 10 showing up, and it's been around 5 months, and only about 10% of desktop and laptop/notebook users are now using Windows 10, despite it being a FREE upgrade. The majority of 10 users seem to have MOSTLY absorbed the Windows 8.1 and 8.0 users from before. And Windows 7 is still hovering in the mid 40% range of users, according to what I see on . Granted, those only reflect usage on web sites THEY monitor, and can easily be thrown out of whack [in favor of 10] when people DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE [or perhaps, get windows updates] to install on this "new" system. Or, if Microsoft deliberately leaves a pile of 10 machines "slamming" the internet on the weekend...

Windows 10 has EVERYTHING wrong with it that "Ape" had, and then some. It's "fat finger friendly" and you can't 'narrow things back up' again. The "the METRO" screens are HIDEOUS looking, as compared to a 3D Skeumorphic "cool look" of 7, or even XP. Replacing "control panel" with "the METRO" 'Settings' seriously complicates EVERYTHING you used to do easily, with a tabbed dialog box, from a single point. And I really do NOT like "the flat look" reminiscent of Windows 1.01 from 1985. Remember how Windows 3.0 and it's 3D skeumorphic look BEAT IBM's OS/2 and made Windows POPULAR? Well Sinofsky did THE OPPOSITE and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! Results ARE predictable. The "eye candy" of 3D skeumorphic SELLS the OS!

And don't EVEN get me started on the ADWARE and SPYWARE. I did a fresh install of the November build of 10, to test my own applications, and the new "Start Thing" stretched about 800 pixels wide on a 1024x768 VM display, FILLED with "animated advertisement" LIVE TILES.

THAT is *NOT* what *I* want on *MY* computer! *MY* computer is *NOT* like the TV screens from 'Idiocracy', a tiny picture surrounded by ads taking up more than half of the total screen real estate!

And let us NOT forget the 'GWX' strong-arming. Not so long ago, there was an article here showing how Microsoft gave you two choices: "Upgrade now" or "Upgrade tonight". Some "choice".

And DESPITE the strong-arming, only about 10% of statcounter traffic is Windows 10!


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