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Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds

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Just uninstalled Win 10 and installed a Linux distro which is easier to use than Win 10 and does not have advertisments doesn't try and be anything except an operating system. Their office will replace my Office 365 as the yearly payment sticks in my craw.

Being in my 70's and having had some sort of PC's since 1980's was upset when Dr Dos and PC Dos were lost. Use Lotus and Mac's till 1995ish, all the other PC units ended up with a M/S O.S. as the accounting and cash registers required it. Now all Windows PC's will be used for is a gaming units.

As soon as Wine becomes as stable a games platform it will be on all the PC's for the old fart and grand childern to play on.

The work and business Operating systems will be replaced with an open sorced O/S and so to will the accounting systems. The engineering side of my company may stick with M/S for cad etc. but as soon as we can use another system there as well we will replace the work stations as well.

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