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I can safely say most of us on El Reg have a lot of experience with the "Cloud", even when it was called the "dot-com" rush and mostrich thinges were run bare-metal.

"dot-com"? How about when it was called "service bureaus", a decade before the DNS was invented?

And at the time, most business computing ran on mainframes and select minis, and a good chunk of that was in virtual machines, courtesy of VM. Other workloads ran on platforms that were sufficiently insulated (e.g. the capability architectures of the S/38 and AS/400, or the tag/descriptor architectures of the Bx000 systems) that "bare metal" is at best wildly misleading.

Utility computing has been around since the 1960s, and virtualization since the 1970s. And while the Flavor of the Day may not be new, it's not going to go away either, however many greybeards1 and coffee-mug-wielding sysadmins tut over it.

1I'm clean-shaven.

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