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Well I knew MS would resort to this sooner or later, they want a one system to support as less work for themselves. But, why oh why did they put all the damn data slurping tech into Win 10 and then backport it to Win 7 and Win 8.0/8.1 ?

It would have been much better to first just get as many people across to Win 10 all happy, and then after 9 months of being used to a this wonderful new OS, just slip it in a Windows update ?

I am sure that there would have been a lot more people who would have made the leap to Win 10 that way !

I am one of those people that upgraded to Win 10 when it was first released, but after two months reverted back to my cloned Win 7 SSD, mainly due to all the data slurping spyware installed on Win 10 and from my experience Win 10 on a SDD and Win 7 on a SSD boot as quick as each other (on my Alienware i7 laptop).

Yes I have blocked or uninstalled an data slurping from Win 7, which is getting quite difficult as they really are trying to slip it in without me noticing, all Win Updates and done manually and if I don't understand what it is then I don't install it !

All I can say it welcome to George Orwell's 1984 especially with the MOD's PRESTON system aswell !

Soon sites like this will be banned as they will be seen as a place to vent one's frustration at the Gov of the day and MS and big brother doesn't like that do they ?

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