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>I don't get the hype

Would we be having a hissy fit if it wasn't from one of the Nazghuls, i.e. MS, Google, Apple?

I don't like VS std, not one bit. This one is of moderate interest at best, seems like it cribbed Sublime Text (not a bad thing). But, who knows, a free cross platform, non-Java based, editor, maybe it'll end up useful to some later? Not a bad thing for MS to launch, choice is good.

And a Linux-able editor from MS? Global cooling in Hell? Flying bacon? Toothy hens? Chairs now safe from sweaty CEOs? Surely the Reg would be remiss not to cover such weird news.

Live and let live. Don't like it? - don't read it, install it or use it. But the Reg was pretty open it's an MS article, no great harm done.

Or would y'all prefer Outbrain/Taboola/Zerg sources of income? Heck, even Forbes carries these now.

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