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don't use debit cards?

I haven't used my ATM/debit card as a "debit" card probably since the 90s.

I'm perfectly happy with swipe & sign. Chip processing takes too long still. I was at a checkout line at a CVS drug store two weeks ago and their system took a good 10-15 seconds before the person was even able to sign, slowed the line down a lot(both customers in front of me were complaining on the delay time), caused me to pay in cash instead. The cashier said the previous week it was even slower. Maybe it will get fast eventually but if they have had this shit in europe for years I would think the tech is already pretty mature.

I've had pretty minimal pain from credit card fraud over the past 15 years. I've had a few cards compromised, and I've had a few transactions incorrectly declined due to aggressive anti fraud systems.

But as a consumer(and a very happy customer of Safeway though I am not in the cities listed) am perfectly happy with the system as-is. Though it's probably been two years now since I last had to have a card replaced(due to fraud).

A few fraud attempts against my BofA shopsafe cards but after talking with customer service they see that it is impossible to commit fraud against those cards so they turn the alert off and don't force me to get a new card. Maybe their fraud system since has been adapted to auto detect this state, last time I had an issue they said the fraud system could not tell the difference between a shop safe card and a real card.

It's not as if chip and pin solves everything anyway, there's been many stories about how the systems have been compromised over the years. I don't intend to ever use my phone for payments either.

But whatever.

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