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They don't make proper cloud software, merely a virtual machine OS that lives in other people's bigger ideas.

Super funny to see you chaps all discount this technology, merely because the buzz word it too new for you. When you settle down, and read some big boy books, you may get a job other than low-rung network or desktop admin types. When you become a real admin, a server admin, and develop some chops in software as well, you'll have already built clouds of sorts in your career. Look back on your work, did you ever work on more than 100 physical hosts, and cobble them together in some interoperable fashion, and plop some control systems, or perhaps a fancy dashboard display and monitoring to view the lot? Perhaps some script or the like to quickly bring up new systems without fuss? You're already a Cloud Engineer then. Stop chatting about here, and fix your fucking resume, guy!

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