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Assembly of tech giants convene to define future of computing


If you have a "smartphone" or use the Internet, you are already using data in the "schmoud" as well as paying to access it and other services. I see what you're saying though; keep your personal data on your own hardware because it's a more solid option than trusting a company, that may or may not be here in 5 years, with that data.

Also, it was Xerox who invited the Steves and their crew to see Star Office, and eventually Xerox employees migrated to Apple to work with a company going somewhere, rather than trying to con business people into paying US$50K for a desktop publishing system that was not well received. Even now that seems a ridiculous price for nothing more than an electronic typewriter. Thanks for mentioning them as being a "tech leader" but they are an example of why most all of those dinosaurs you mention are gone today. They failed to chart their course, or look where the world was going.

This reminds me of the chaps who claim they never used Unix. I would happily ask them if they ever used the phone and that was that. Every telephone exchange at the time was a AT&T 5ESS, or some such switch, and they all run Unix. Don't rewrite history around here, some of us lived it.

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