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Microsoft steps up Windows 10 nagging

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My son has a 150 dollar celeron dog laptop. I swapped the drive for a SAMSUNG EVO 850 and Win10 and it is super fast now. Boots in 3-4 seconds and is ready for action immediately on login.

So your point is that Windows 10 runs fast when you throw resources at it? That's like buying a Landrover to faster transport something with a large block of concrete chained to it instead of just losing the concrete.

1 - there is no logical connection between you replacing the drive and Win 10 being faster than previous versions unless you measured that too (which you failed to mention, so I don't think so)

2 - it's still Windows, and if there is one thing Microsoft has not been accused of in the 30+ years of its existence is efficient coding, so I'm not buying it either.

If you think that laptop is fast, you should see what it does with a resource efficient version of Linux Mint (for instance the XFCE variant). You probably won't believe it's the same laptop.

Oh, and ..

3 - Celerons are crap. Irrespective of OS. Giving someone a machine with a Cerelon is telling them you hate them. Your son will move out soon (OK, here I am kidding but a Cerelon sucks. Badly).

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