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Assembly of tech giants convene to define future of computing


Intel gets mentioned twice?

Anyway, cloud/schmoud. I want my data on my server my way and I don't want to have to pay someone else to get at it.

BTW, the "tech giants" are not those who define the future. If that was the case Dec, Unisys, Sperry Rand, Data General, H/P, Xerox, and Burroughs would have lead the way. In a way Xerox was a leader, but only through Apple's *ahem* adoption of the GUI concept. Anyway, the real pioneer visionaries were companies like Altair (the IMSAI was an Altair clone), North Star, Apple (for the Apple I and ][), Microsoft (for MS BASIC on CP/M). Digital Research, Tandy (TRS-80), Commodore (Kim 1 & PET), KayPro, Osbourne and the like. None of which were tech giants at the time. IBM was late to the game but their reputation (no one ever got fired for buying IBM) saw their platform concept take hold in a way that S-100 never did. Microsoft rode the IBM wave, using a code base purchased from Seattle Computer Products (QDOS).

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