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Big Brother is born. And we find out 15 years too late to stop him


Shhh! you dont know who's listening.

So the guidebook was right we just didn't and still don't know how the decipher it. And evil was given credence at the end of the millennium by its advocates.

Nosey parkers, create new rules each time they poke their noses into someone else's business and that someone pokes them in the eye. Then they escalate it to the point of making you a criminal. So I ask who is the portent of evil.

It still makes me laugh that people put their ideas into the cloud so that bots can rake in the ideas and that way those on top stay on top by being nosey parkers while promoting security.

There's none as insecure as those that trust the system to provide the security. As x-files would put it trust no one.

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